Ok Ladies, so I know we are always looking for our man to make the grand gesture, but it’s ok to treat him like a King on Valentine’s Day…Here are some gift ideas for your main squeeze.

For the “Mix Master” – Shiny digital meets analogue retro chic with Mixa – the USB cassette. ~ $29

For the “Retro Viber” –  Vintage Chic Vibe with this slick iPod player from Urban Outfitters.  ~$190













The “Dogtooth Beau” – Black Dogtooth Fabric Bowtie exclusive from Topman. ~ $10

If he is a “Shoe Lover” – Check out Steve Madden’s chic “Grab” loafer. ~ $80

The “Neat Freak” – Make him feel fancy with a Personalized Men’s Catch All Tray. ~ $24












For the “Professional Chef” – Jaccard Digital Thermometer Fork, and make him cook you a steak.











For the “Tech Savy” – 15″ Protective Sleeve in Cream White/Fiery. ~ $35














For the “Weekender” – The Aromatherapy Company’s Man Weekender Pack. ~ $25











For the “Retro Man” – Try these Italian designer glasses for a man who wants to read in style. ~ $25









– As always, Stay Chic!