Bobbi Brown and Her Ways!  by Brooke Ridout of the “Beehive Girls”

I happen to be THE biggest fan of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics! Bobbi Brown is one of the most famous makeup artists who has enrolled in a lifetime of education and inspiration to others in the fashion industry… and to us “regular gals”.

When I was 13, I was in Barnes and Nobles, and saw the “Bobbi Brown Beauty Book”. It caught my eye, as you can see. I asked {begged} my mom to buy it and she reluctantly did so. Thank you, Mom, for you have created a monster. And, Thank you Bobbi Brown.

This would catch anyone’s attention!

Flash forward 17 years and today I am still in love with makeup and can’t get enough of it!! Just last month, I signed up for a Bobbi Brown Cosmetic Event at a boutique clothing shop in Cameron Village called Certain Things (located in Raleigh, North Carolina). Lu and Doug Harris, the owners, had the Bobbi Brown Team from Crabtree Valley Mall come do make-overs and special make up applications. Um, this was like a dream come true! I mean, any one can go to the mall and get this done, however, this was special, this was to be an event of the Christmas Season with Wine, Appetizers and FUN!!!

My stylist was Pam and what a ball of fire she was! Such a perfect match for a Wedding Makeover! Yes, yes, I did just say that. A Wedding Makeover. I am getting married in March of this year! Crazy crazy! You can read about how he and I share a life together at amberalleninc.wordpress.com, it’s a Pretty, Masculine Life.  So, back to Pam, we hit it off right from the start. I am an extrovert for sure, so I asked a ton of questions and at one point she said, “You should just apply and do some of these events with me, on the side!” Oh Pam, I heart you!

She started from the beginning, a slow and personal make-up technique training. Perfect. She was all mine and so was the makeup. Here is exactly what she showed me:

#1. Hydrating Rich Cream Cleanser – $26.00: She said to use this in the shower in the morning and in the evening. It’s amazing and leaves behind a soft velvet like feel. It removes makeup and dirt without your skin being left dry and cracked.

#2. Hydrating Face Cream – $52.00: This is a miracle cream and I now refuse to use anything else. A nickel size goes a long way. Don’t overdo it. The smell of lemon will hit your nose and all of a sudden you feel pampered and moisturized. Well, that’s because you are and Bobbi wouldn’t have it any other way.

#3. Hydrating Eye Cream – $46.00: She then dabbed on a couple of pea size drops under each eye and used the ring finger to spread it around underneath. So far, this has been a MUST have in my every day. I can see a big difference in how my makeup is applied afterward and how my eyes are brighter and more awake for the day! Keeper? Yes!!

#4. Corrector – $22.00: She could have gone the whole entire “Wedding Makeover” and I would have been in bliss but then she brought this out and I died and went to HEAVEN!! {Omg!} Apply to the inner corner and down of each eye using a concealer brush then use the pad of your ring finger to blend. Your blueish, gray bags will magically disappear. Oh yea, another miracle someone told me about, water. Weird, right?

#5. Creamy Concealer Kit – $32.00: This almost sounds the same as the corrector, but it’s not. The corrector is for the under eye area to counteract the blue, then the concealer actually hides and brightens (it’s a concealer not a corrector). With a small sweep of yellow powder to smooth over the top, it sets the actual correct/concealer.

#6. Foundation – $46.00: A light, natural way to get an even skin tone. Make sure that you match perfectly to your neck color, just make it blend so that it almost disappears on your face and neck. Do NOT be the “chin-line” girl. This foundation is like soft nothingness that lasts all day. No caking and no cracking!

#7. Sheer Finish Loose Powder – $35.00: The final touch of the “even face”. This will set everything from #4-6, so it’s a must. Without it, everything just doesn’t work. If forgotten, you might as well just start over. Sorry, but it’s true.

#8. Blush – $24.00 (Regular or Shimmer): I was calm, I really was. I had wine in me and I was grinning and calm. However, when a lady pulls out a bright pink, no, scratch that, HOT PINK blush, I freak out. My eyes got big and then I am sure I backed up in my chair and said to Pam, “Please don’t put that on me.” I was concerned. She said that I was crazy and that this was the Top Seller at Bobbi Brown. Now, I know why. Thank you, Pam. I love “Pale Pink” blush by Bobbi Brown and it looks good on everyone no matter what color of skin you have! Trust me. Don’t freak out.

#9. Bronzer – $35.00: I am a pale woman, by choice. I don’t go to the tanning bed, anymore (since I was at least mid to late 20’s). It’s pretty to be natural an Be you. However, when “you” just ain’t cuttin’ it and you need a little  “pick-me-up”, there is ONE thing you can do. Bronzer, BABY, Bronzer!!!

#10. Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara – $24.00: I’m sorry, but have you EVER walked out of your house to go to work or um, I don’t know… ANYWHERE, and did not apply Mascara? Are you crazy, if you did??? Hello. There is a basic makeup rule: Mascara, Blush, and Lips (whether plain or red). Period. Mascara is a serious must-have and how could you not want Glamour and Extreme on those luscious lashes!??

#14. Long-Wear Cream Shadow – $24.00: This might be my most favorite part of the “eye” section because it’s a no-brainer! WooHOO! It does the basic color and primer in one so that you can layer your color and have a long-lasting color all day. Surprise, you don’t have to worry about creasing or color washing out anymore!

#11. Gel Eye Liner – $22.00: OOOOH Girl, get those cat eyes and those thicker upper lids to take on the night! This goes on with easy and stays because it is Long-wearing and Water Resistant!

#12. Eye Makeup Remover – $24.00: At the end of the working gal’s day, the eye makeup must come off. This is the best most gentle remover made by Bobbi Brown, almost can’t wait to take it all off and start the process over again!!

#13. Lip Balm SPF 15– $19.00: Remember the Basics? Mascara, Blush and Lips. This is a dash of moisture to keep them kissable.  And it comes in perfect shades of “normal” and not hot pink or something that is just un-flattering, with a touch of shine.

After leaving that night from the fun makeup extravaganza, I was in deep. Deeply in Love! I have longed to find the best makeup kit that I could take anywhere and wear it without shame. This was it. I have found it. No need to look any further!! I wish you the best and if you need to find the perfect color, I recommend going to the nearest mall where you can find Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and get “matched” by a professional.  Enjoy your new makeup!

Guest Blog Post by – Brooklyn Ridout 

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