Read an article today in Men’s Health about avoiding dry skin in the winter.  It got me thinking about how many times I “kissed a guy and didn’t like it”!…..Top Tips:

1.  A good shaving routine.  Even for those who don’t shave, still be sure to use a good quality moisturizer creme. This will soften your stubble and protect the skin this winter.  Post-shave, keep it light on the astringent or cologne, this can dry skin out.

3. Guys get rid of the soap!  Ok keep using it to bath, but soap is apparently alkaline in nature; which drys you out.  You will have to suck it up and buy a facial wash.  SophiChic recommend’s CeraVe or Ceptaphil…best drug store brands out there.

4. DRINK!!  Not your favorite adult beverage, but water.  “According to a study by the University of Utah, if you only drink four glasses a day your skin’s function will be impaired, leaving it dry and vulnerable to wrinkles”. Try eight glasses instead.

4.  Feet need love too.  Trust SophiChic when we say no women wants a man with alligator toes.  Use a foot scrub or pumice stone once a week in the shower to keep skin smooth.  Your Lady will love you for it!  Try a Peppermint scrub from the Body Shop.

As always stay Chic!